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It's time to tell your story!

VAST – Vienna Academy of Storytellers

The VIENNA ACADEMY OF STORYTELLERS (VAST) is a collective that promotes all aspects of storytelling through workshops, seminars and collaborations in Film and Theater.

We offer a comprehensive approach to dramaturgy utilizing archetypes, myths and pop culture in order to better understand genre, medium, theme, character development and story structure. Storytelling is vast from idea, to page, to submitting for funding, to production, let VAST help. 


»I think you’re working and learning until you die.« – J. K. Rowling


While it is as old as humanity, the art of storytelling is constantly being refined and adapted. Therefor we strive to continuously offer new and innovative ways to study and practice the art of storytelling.

In addition to our educational seminars and workshops, VAST collaborations with Film and Theater productions, as well as a platform to connect artists of all backgrounds with other artists, writers, directors, actors and filmmakers.



Eric was born and raised in L.A. and has worked for 10 years, both in Hollywood and internationally.

He is the director and a writer for the internationally awarded short film "Mis'TIC", coproduced by VAST




Roxana has worked in showbiz since she was seven years old.

She has been nominated for such awards as "Best foreign Drama" at the Hollywood Film Festival, with her  short film, "HOW TO CARRY A PACKGE". She wrote and starred in the internationally awarded short film "Mis'TIC".



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