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Inspired by her father, the successful actor, director and producer Massud Rahnama, Roxana Stern first appeared on stage at the age of seven.


In 1997 she lead as taleteller in Fräulein Schmetterling (Miss Butterfly), a persian play produced for the intercultural festival MultiKids which toured all over Austria. 

Between 2002 and 2005 she was an actress and presenter for Kids4Kids on Confetti TV.


2012 Roxana was the assistant director for Corinne Eckenstein's (Director for the Dschungel Wien) productions of Boys Don’t Cry and ELLA'S STRANGE LIFE. In two further production she worked as an actress, too.

Her first success as a filmmaker came with her short film HOW TO CARRY A PACKAGE. A piece she wrote, director, producer and starred in that tells the story of two people who lost their beloved ones during the Arab Spring. It was nominated Best Foreign Language Drama at International Student Film Festival Hollywood, and screened at at Filofest in Slovenia. 


In 2013 she was the assistant director to the short film Beinball by Werner Fiedler starring Reinhard Nowak. Beinball, or it's english title Bootball, had it's world premiere at the San José International Short Film Festival, and has since been screened at festvials including the Berlin Short Film festival.

Later she cowrote and starred in the international award winning silent film "Mis'Tic", directed by Eric Rino. 

Roxana spent a year in Los Angeles where she studied Media & Arts and worked as an actress and assistent director.  Since returning she acted in the international awarded Feature film Teheran Taboo and won multiple awards as an Editor and Director.

Currently she works as an Actress and Filmmaker in Austria.

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